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“I write because I enjoy creating new worlds for my readers to experience.”

Lacy is a single mother of two who has taken this time to live out her dreams. Lacy began writing poems and short stories at the age of nine. At just ten years old she was the youngest to place in her schools National Oratorical Society Contest winning second place. Before her eleventh birthday she penned a screenplay for a class project with rave reviews. Although over the years her passion for writing took a back seat she has refueled the fire with the completion of her debut novel. Fame Whore, Lacy’s first novel, is just the tip of the iceberg of what we can expect from this dynamo. When Lacy is not writing and spending time with her family she is an avid volunteer for women and youth organizations.

Fame Whore

This fast-paced novel introduces you to Tracey, an educated, beautiful go-getter who gets caught in an unexpected web of sex, lies, and reality television. Tracey wants what’s best for her and her friends but, is she willing to pay the price required to walk the red carpet?

Things I Wish He Knew

Things I Wish He Knew contains letters of truth, love and appreciation to the men that have brought us life. It holds words and thoughts that we haven't had a chance to say. Nevertheless, not saying them has left us "stuck" in one way or another. These letters have set us free from our past and complimented our present.

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